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We are VeinSound ®

The revolution in the treatment of varicose veins is underway, with VeinSound® technologies

Who are we ?


VeinSound is a French MedTech startup, bringing together talent and expertise  from the robotics and medical device sectors, where each entity and each individual participates in the success and achievement of a common vision.

Located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, region - France, specializing in the design and development of medical devices for non-invasive ultrasound therapy. VeinSound, offers revolutionary solutions for the treatment of varicose veins for private practices and has the ambition to become the reference in the treatment of venous pathologies.

Winner of the 2017 I-Lab competition and cluster member of Medicalps and Lyonbiopole - VeinSound actively collaborates with the laboratory INSERM U1032 – LabTAU, to offer breakthrough innovation to vascular doctors for the treatment of venous pathologies. 

VeinSound's management team is made up of three experienced professionals in the robotics and medical devices sector covering management, technology, clinical and regulatory affairs. The VeinSound's team is complemented by three INSERM scientific experts U1032 and three vascular doctor and surgeon experts.


VeinSound® values

  • Passion

  • Integrity

  • Human values

  • Commitment & Responsiveness

  • Social responsibility 

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